Adjustment of Status

What is the EBSC Adjustment of Status Program?

EBSC began its Adjustment of Status Program in 1992. Since that time,  EBSC has filed more than 1300 Adjustment of Status applications.

If you are seeking legal assistance please come to EBSC’s office immediately to inquire about our programs. Adjustment of Status intakes are by appointment. All information you provide EBSC is confidential and attorney-client privileged. No person, aside from EBSC Staff, will ever hear any details about your case without your express permission.

Does EBSC Charge a Fee For Adjustment of Status Assistance?

Currently, EBSC charges a fee depending upon whether the client filed their asylum application or U-Visa petition through EBSC. For clients who did, EBSC charges $250 for every person age 14 or older and $125 for every person under age 14. If a client did not file for asylum or petition for a U-Visa through EBSC, then the fee is $350 for every person age 14 or older and $175 for every person under age 14. This assistance includes filing the appropriate forms, preparing declarations with a client, determining and addressing all inadmissibility issues in the client’s case, and assisting the client with any requests for evidence or legal argument from USCIS.

We never deny our services because of an inability to pay. If a client cannot afford to pay our fee, then EBSC will evaluate the client’s financial situation and reduce or waive our fee where appropriate.

Note: The information provided below is not meant to be legal advice. Before seeking any immigration benefit and at all times while in Removal Proceedings contact an attorney or an organization licensed by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Who Does the EBSC Adjustment of Status Program Help?

EBSC’s adjustment of status program helps any immigrant who qualifies to adjust their status from a non-immigrant (temporary visitor) to an immigrant (a legal permanent resident). Many groups of people may be able to adjust their status from a non-immigrant to an immigrant. These groups include, but are not limited to: Fiances or Spouses of United States Citizens (K-Visa Status), Persons admitted to the United States as a refugee who have lived in the United States for one year after admission (INA § 209), Persons granted asylum status who have lived in the United States for one year after admission (INA § 209), and Persons who have U-Visa status. In addition, EBSC helps adjust status for immigrants who qualify for INA § 245(i) relief.

We cannot currently assist immigrants with adjusting status through INA § 245(a).

Almost all immigrants who are granted Asylum may adjust their status to a lawful permanent resident one year after the asylum grant. See, EBSC’s Affirmative Asylum Program. Almost all immigrants who were granted a U-Visa may adjust their status to a lawful permanent resident three years after their visa grant. See, EBSC’s U-Visa Program.

What Must I Bring to My EBSC Appointment?

You must go for a physical examination by a Department of Homeland Security approved “civil surgeon” (aka doctor). The doctor must fill out form I-693, and seal it in an envelope and sign the envelope flap. If the envelope is opened, the medical examination is voided. USCIS maintains a list of civil surgeons online.

You must bring two passport sized photos, a birth certificate, proof of asylum status, and proof that you have lived in the United States for one year (such as a tax return or pay stubs). You must know where you have lived and worked during the past five years. You must bring a personal check or money order made out to “USCIS” for $1070.00 or bring your last filed IRS tax return or proof of public assistance.

Will Every Immigrant’s Status Be Adjusted?

No, all people who wish to adjust their immigration status must be deemed admissible under INA § 212; however, EBSC may be able to obtain a waiver of inadmissibility for your case. These issues will be discussed during your adjustment appointment. If you have been arrested you must bring your certified court records for each arrest. If you have been arrested, but do not remember when or where, EBSC can obtain a FBI background check.  This costs $40.

Is There a Fee To Apply for Adjustment of Status?

Currently, the fee for any adjustment of status applicant is $1070.00. The applicant must submit a check or money order payable to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This fee may be waived if the applicant falls below the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  To apply for a fee waiver, the immigrant must bring their latest tax return with them to their appointment at EBSC.