Attention DREAMers!


Free DACA Assistance Flyer


The Department of Homeland Security has announced Deferred Action for certain DREAM Act Beneficiaries in the United States. Deferred Action is not permanent status. It does, however, allow you to receive Employment Authorization for a two year period. We do not know what will happen at the end of this two year period.

East Bay Sanctuary is helping those who want to sign up for Deferred Action – email Shiori for an appointment!

Never Apply For Deferred Action Without The Help Of An Immigration Attorney or BIA Accredited Organization. Deferred action carries risks should your case be denied. Only an Immigration Attorney or BIA Accredited Representation, such as ours, will be able to explain these risks and evaluate your case in light of these risks.

Start Gathering Records Now. Start requesting your transcripts from every school you have attended. Gather proof that you have lived in the United States for the last 5 years. Proof includes: rent receipts, utility bills, school transcripts, employment pay stubs, and tax returns amongst other records. You must prove that you have lived in the United States for the last 5 years.

In addition, people with criminal convictions may not want to apply for deferred action. People with DUI convictions will have their deferred action requests denied and may end up in Removal Proceedings.

2 thoughts on “Attention DREAMers!

  1. I qualified for deferred action and was given the 2 year work permit but i been trying to get it renewed they already sent it back to me 2 times
    It already expired may 09 2015
    I also wanted to see what else I can do I don’t want to be deported
    I was diagnosed with hiv July 2nd 2010 I’m 23 years old gay male I came here when I was 14 In 2006
    You can leave me a message
    This is my phone number thank you so much
    408 797 9492

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