Community Development

What is the EBSC Community Development and Education Program?

EBSC began its Community Development and Program in 2000. CDE is EBSC’s social services program. The program is graciously funded and stewarded by the Zellerbach Family Foundation and is led by Manuel de Paz.

CDE holds regular workshops focusing of integrating new immigrants into the United States.  Topics include immigrant health, safety, finances, computer literacy, educational opportunities, and pathways to citizenship.

CDE also houses EBSC’s English as a second language tutoring program. Under this program, immigrants are matched with native English speakers and are tutored in English one-on-one.  Most immigrants in this program supplement their tutoring with classes through Laney College or other local community classes. The ability to read, write, and speak English is a necessary component of naturalizing as a United States Citizen. EBSC strongly supports and encourages its clients to learn English.

Finally, CDE engages in one-on-one assistance with EBSC’s clients when they are finding housing, filling out employment applications, or searching for educational opportunities.

Does EBSC Charge a Fee For Community Development and Education Assistance?

No.  EBSC’s Community Development and Education program is graciously funded by the Zellerbach Foundation.  Its services are free of charge.

Who Does the EBSC Community Development and Education Program Help?

EBSC’s CDE Program helps all immigrants, regardless of whether the client is a former Refugee Rights client.