High School Students


Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant welcomes volunteers from all Bay Area High Schools. High School students work in community development and help with the administration of East Bay Sanctuary Covenant. Unfortunately, due to the types of clients and cases that EBSC takes on, we have decided that it is inappropriate for High School Students to work directly with immigration clients.

That being said, High School Students are welcome to work with Sr. Maureen Duignan in building community solidarity, reaching out to potential donors, researching grants from local and national foundations, and other tasks which will ensure that EBSC operates like a well oiled machine.  In addition, high school students may be able to work with Manuel De Paz, our community education and development coordinator depending upon their Spanish speaking abilities.

Please email us about volunteer opportunities for High School Students.Have you been an EBSC High School Volunteer in the past? Tell the world about your experience. Email EBSC.