What is the EBSC Naturalization Program?

EBNC-logo_webEBSC began its Naturalization Program in 2003. Since that time, EBSC has filed more than 500 naturalization petitions. Legal Permanent Residents may be able to naturalize as United States Citizens if they: have maintained permanent residency for five years; have been present in the United States for 30 months of those five years; are able to read, write, and speak English; have a good moral character; and have a basic understanding of United States history and government.

If you are seeking legal assistance please come to EBSC’s office immediately to inquire about our programs. Naturalization intakes are by appointment with Shiori.

All information you provide EBSC is confidential and attorney-client privileged. No person, aside from EBSC Staff, will ever hear any details about your case without your express permission.

Does EBSC Charge a Fee For Naturalzation Assistance?

Currently, EBSC charges a fee depending upon whether the client filed their asylum application or U-Visa petition through EBSC. For clients who did, EBSC charges $350. For clients who did not, EBSC charges $400.  This assistance includes filing the appropriate forms, preparing declarations with a client, determining and addressing all inadmissibility issues in the client’s case, and assisting the client with any requests for evidence or legal argument from USCIS.

We never deny our services because of an inability to pay. If a client cannot afford to pay our fee, then EBSC will evaluate the client’s financial situation and reduce or waive our fee where appropriate.

Note: The information provided below is not meant to be legal advice. Before seeking any immigration benefit and at all times while in Removal Proceedings contact an attorney or an organization licensed by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Who Does the EBSC Naturalization Program Help?

EBSC’s Naturalization Program assists Legal Permanent Residents in becoming United States Citizens. Most permanent residents are eligible to petition for naturalization after having permanent resident status for five years or three years if the permanent resident is married to a United States Citizen (less if the permanent resident is a active member of the United States military forces).

What Must I Bring to my Naturalization Intake Appointment?

Every client must bring: two passport sized photos, their permanent resident card, a list of all places where the client has lived and worked for the past five years, information about the clients spouse (name, date of birth, social security number, date of marriage, the A number of the spouse), information about the client’s previous spouse, information about the client’s children, and a list of all places traveled to outside of the United States and the dates of such trips.

Will Every Permanent Resident Be Naturalized?

No, often criminal issues and voter registration issues prevent a permanent resident from being naturalized. In addition, Permanent Residents must learn English and basic United States history and civics prior to petitioning for naturalization. EBSC’s Community Development and Education program can assist LPRs in learning English, United States History, and/or United States Civics.

If you have been arrested, you must bring certified court records to your naturalization intake appointment. If you cannot remember the location or reasons for your arrest, EBSC can obtain a FBI RAP sheet on your behalf. This costs $40.

Is There a Fee To Apply for Naturalization?

Currently, a fees of $680 applies to all petitions. The applicant must submit a check or money order payable to USCIS. This fee may be waived if the applicant falls below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To apply for a fee waiver, the immigrant must bring their latest tax return with them to their appointment at EBSC.

Is There a Age Limit To Apply for Naturalization?

No, there is no age limit to applying for Naturalization. Here is a Citizenship at any Age video for more information.