Volunteer Opportunities for Members of the Community

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant is always in need of the services of our community.  Community members can help in a lot of ways.

Depending upon the time that you wish to volunteer at EBSC, you can partner with an immigrant family and help them adapt to life in the United States, help teach immigrants English as a second language, prepare Permanent Residents for a United States Civics exam which is part of their Naturalization Process, Fund raise for EBSC, and help administratively to ensure that EBSC continues to run like a well oiled machine. For more information please contact us.

Any services that you could provide as a member of the community is greatly appreciated by EBSC. Can’t spare the time, then consider donating to EBSC.

Have you volunteered at EBSC as a member of the community in the past? Tell the world about your experience. Email EBSC.