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Help deliver hope to families fleeing violence.

Founded in 1982, EBSC is a beacon of hope for thousands each year, providing free legal help, social services, and advocacy for people from around the world.

We Hold Open Doors

We open our doors to those most at risk – indigenous, LGBT people, unaccompanied children, and survivors of gender-based violence — and help them gain the legal status and skills they need to rebuild their lives. 

We reach 10,000 people each year with a 97% success rate for asylum.

Helping to Rebuild Lives

Imagine struggling to learn a new language and adjust to life in a new country – all after losing everything you’ve ever known.

EBSC offers skills and support to succeed in a new country:

> Comprehensive Immigration Legal Services
> Know Your Rights Workshops
> Community Forums
> ESL and Citizenship Classes
> Civic Participation Training
> Referrals and Support

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