BREAKING NEWS (August 24, 2022): You may have heard that the Biden Administration is planning to publish the new DACA rule on August 30, 2022. The rule won’t go into effect until the end of October

There are no immediate changes made by the new regulation, but ongoing DACA court cases and their outcomes may have a huge impact on the future of DACA, so stay tuned!

If you have DACA right now:
You should renew if your DACA expires within 6 months, please request an appointment using this link:
You can apply for advance parole if you have one of the USCIS-accepted reasons to travel. You can request an appointment using the link above.

If your first-time DACA application is pending:
USCIS cannot process your application. No changes made by the new regulation.

If you are DACA eligible but never applied:
USCIS will not process first-time applications but you can SEND your application and EBSC can help. request an appointment using this link:

If you live in California and your household income is below 250% of federal poverty guidelines we can help you with the USCIS fee ($495).

July 16, 2021: EBSC decries the decision by a federal judge which has declared that the DACA program is unlawful as currently created and implemented.

This decision is a reflection of the need for permanent protection for ALL 11 million NOW. Join us in this fight as we urge Congress to pass legislation that will protect all 11 million undocumented immigrants. 

If you already have DACA: This ruling does not affect people who already have DACA. You are still protected and will be able to continue renewing for now. Make sure to send your renewal application 5-6 months before the current expiration date. You can request an appointment with us here.

DACA First-time Applicants whose application is currently pending with USCIS:
USCIS may not process your case after this court ruling (no denial or approval will be issued). USCIS is likely to hold onto the application until further notice. Stay tuned.

DACA First-time Applicants whose application has not been filed with USCIS but has been working with EBSC:
We will continue to work on your cases. We will decide whether to file the initial application on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your caseworker directly.

DACA First-time Applicants whose case has not been filed and are not EBSC clients:
You can request an appointment here. We will explain your options AFTER you submit the appointment request using the link.

DACA Advance Parole Applicants:
On July 20, 2021, USCIS clarified that DACA recipients can request and travel with advance parole.  


DACA Program Staff


Shiori Akimoto
Text: 510-859-4553

Brenda Gomez
Text: 925-587-6053

Yoshira Mendes

DACA Renewal Appointment

You can renew your DACA if you have received DACA approval in the past, even if it has been expired or terminated by USCIS.

We especially encourage you to make a renewal appointment soon if your DACA expires within 150 days or if it has already expired and you have not submitted your renewal application form. USCIS no longer accepts renewal applications sent more than 150 days before the current expiration date. You cannot renew your DACA if you have a pending DACA renewal application.

If you wish to make an appointment please fill out our DACA appointment request form. Our staff member will contact you via text message to set up a phone appointment. 

Q: Is EBSC helping with first-time DACA applicants?

A: Yes! You can place yourself on our waitlist using this link: We will provide some instructions via email on how to gather documents needed for the application while you wait for an appointment.

Q: As a DACA recipient, can I apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI)?

A: Yes. As long as you had a valid work permit during the base period (a base period is a specific 12-month term the EDD uses to see if you earned enough wages to establish a UI claim) and will stay valid while you’re receiving benefits. (This is another reason why it’s  so important to renew your DACA)

Q: Will applying for Unemployment Insurance negatively affect my current or future immigration application? Also, a receipt of Unemployment Insurance considered a receipt of public benefits?

A: No. UI is not considered public benefits therefore it will not affect your current or future immigration applications negatively.

If you have questions about public benefits, such as Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, and Cal-WORKS, please contact Shiori Akimoto by email or text message.

More questions? Please send them to

Advance Parole (AP) is a travel document issued by USCIS which allows DACA recipients to travel internationally under “exceptional circumstances.” This includes employment purposes, educational purposes, or humanitarian purposes. Please note travel for vacation is not a valid basis for Advance Parole.

If you are interested in applying for Advance Parole, please consult the step-by-step instructions, required documents page, and FAQ before reaching out with additional questions. Email with any questions or concerns.

Click here to read FAQs related to DACA/Advance Parole.