EBSC provides a variety of services related to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

DACA Renewal Application

If your DACA expires within one year, or if it has already expired, we strongly encourage you to make a renewal appointment right away. An EBSC staff member will contact you to set up a phone appointment.

  • Note: If your DACA expired within the last year, you can still renew your DACA as long as USCIS receives your application before the one-year mark.
  • If your DACA expired more than a year ago, you cannot renew under the current DACA policy. Your application would be considered a first-time application and would not be processed by USCIS. See First-Time Applicants for DACA.
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Advance Parole (AP) is a travel document issued by USCIS which allows DACA recipients to travel abroad for employment, education, or humanitarian purposes. Travel for vacation is not a valid basis for Advance Parole. If you are interested in applying for Advance Parole, please consult the step-by-step instructions and required documents page before reaching out with additional questions. Email jasmine@eastbaysanctuary.org with questions or concerns.

First-Time Applicants for DACA

In July 2021, a federal court judge issued an order directing USCIS to stop processing first-time DACA applications, including late renewals that were filed after one year from the last DACA expiration date. First-time applicants can still file, but the application will not be processed until this order is lifted.

  • If you are not yet an EBSC client, you wish to apply for DACA, and you need help understanding the court order: Submit an appointment request, and we will explain your options.
  • If you have already been working with EBSC, but your DACA application has not yet been filed with USCIS: We will continue to work on your case, and we will decide whether to file the initial application on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your EBSC caseworker directly.
  • If your DACA application is currently pending with USCIS: USCIS will not process, approve, or deny your case as long as this court ruling is in effect. USCIS is likely to hold onto your application until further notice. Stay tuned.
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DACA Program Staff Contact Information

DACA program in general:

Shiori Akimoto:

Yoshira Mendes:

Jasmine Ruiz:


Is EBSC helping with first-time DACA applicants?

Yes—please request an appointment. We will also provide information about our monthly workshops.

As a DACA recipient, can I apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI)?

Yes. You must have had a valid work permit during the base period (a specific 12-month term the Employment Development Department uses to see if you earned enough wages to qualify for UI), and the work permit must be valid while you receive benefits. (This is another reason why it’s so important to renew your DACA.)

Will applying for Unemployment Insurance negatively affect my current or future immigration application? Also, is a receipt of Unemployment Insurance considered a receipt of public benefits?

No. UI is not considered a public benefit. Therefore it will not negatively affect your current or future immigration application. If you have questions about public benefits, such as Medi-Cal, Food Stamps (SNAP, or CalFresh), or CalWORKS, please contact Shiori Akimoto by email at shiori@eastbaysanctuary.org or by text at 510-859-4553.