Low-income immigrants rely on public benefits  for their safety net. Join our campaigns to support immigrant families!

Restrictions that prevent immigrant families from receiving public assistance are cruel and inhumane.  Join us in LIFTING THE BAR!

Right now, there is a bar that prevents immigrants from receiving TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE FOR NEEDY FAMILIES (TANF) for five years, even though recently arrived immigrants need this help much sooner. This five-year bar has devastating effects on low-income immigrant communities.

Contact your representative about the LIFT THE BAR ACT! Visit www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative and enter your zip code to contact your representative. 

Let them know that you support the LIFT THE BAR ACT to allow immigrant families access to needed public benefits.

What is LIFT the BAR?

The LIFT the BAR Act, introduced by Rep. Pramilia Jayapal, is designed to restore access to programs like CHIP, SNAP, and Medicaid by removing the five-year bar and other restrictions so that the poor immigrant population can benefit from them.