Are you an immigrant with low income? Are you someone who has left your home country because of violence or persecution? EBSC provides many free and low-cost immigration legal services. We also offer other services, such as help finding medical care, applying for public benefits, learning English, taking the citizenship test, or participating in peer support groups.

Legal Services

EBSC staff member shaking hands and smiling with a client

EBSC provides free and low-cost legal services for immigrants. We help people apply for asylum, green cards, work permits, naturalization, and more.


Two women holding a Dreamers Son Bienvenidos aqui sign.

If you were brought to the U.S. as a child, you may be eligible for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), sometimes called Dreamers.

Support Services

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We can help connect you to public benefits like food stamps or cash assistance, medical care, employment services, or mental health support.

Community Education

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We offer tutoring in English As a Second Language, classes to prepare for the citizenship exam, and workshops on immigrant rights and resources.

Mayan Voices Outreach

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We offer education about your rights, what to do if ICE comes to your door, workplace and COVID safety, and what to do if you are the victim of a hate crime.

OLAS LGBT Sanctuary

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OLAS offers workshops and retreats that create community and emotional support for LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers from Latin America. All activities are offered in Spanish.



Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, free, and does not affect your immigration status or applications.

It is important to continue wearing a mask while at work and in public spaces, as well as getting tested for COVID-19 before and after large gatherings, trips, or if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Please use these resources to stay informed on the latest COVID-19 updates and how to keep yourself and your family safe.


Workplace Safety >

Labor laws protect all workers, no matter their immigration status. All workers have the right to be protected from health and safety hazards.

You have the right to:

  • Deny working in dangerous conditions
  • Request paid sick time off
  • File a workers’ compensation claim

It is illegal for your employer to fire you or retaliate against you for exercising your labor rights.

Please use these resources to stay informed about your labor rights.


Know Your Rights >


You have the right to protect yourself in case of an encounter with ICE or other immigration officials. If you are confronted, detained, or arrested, you have the right to remain silent and speak with an attorney.

Please use these resources to stay informed about your rights and what to do in any type of situation.

Hate Crimes >

A hate crime is any crime committed against a person or property motivated by prejudice or hate towards a certain racial or ethnic group, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.

If you are a victim or witness of a hate crime, you have the right to report it without fear of any impact to your immigration status or applications. Reporting a hate crime is safe and will help to keep our communities safer in the future.

Call 1-844-9-NO-HATE (1-844-966-4283) to connect with a community or legal services organization, or report to your local or federal police department.

Por favor aproveche de estos recursos para informarse de sus opciones en caso de que se encuentre como víctima o testigo de un crimen de odio.

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