Would you like to make a long-term impact to protect, advocate, and transform on behalf of low-income immigrants and asylum seekers?

Join our Legacy Circle.

It may be easier than you think to make your most powerful gift through an end-of-life Legacy Circle gift to EBSC. We are happy to talk with you and a financial advisor about a giving vehicle that will provide for your loved ones AND restore safety and human rights for asylum seekers.

There are many benefits to creating a planned gift, including:

  • Creating a lasting legacy for immigrant rights
  • Possible tax benefits for you and your loved ones
  • Control over how your money is used and its impact after you die
  • A variety of customizable options

Contact Lisa Hoffman, Director of Development and Communications, at lisa@eastbaysanctuary.org or 510-540-5296, ext. 133, to get started.

Why Give

Together, we’re ensuring that immigrants are protected

EBSC supporters know that people fleeing violence and persecution need culturally competent legal and social assistance to find safety and begin to rebuild their lives. With your support, EBSC accompanies low-income immigrants as they navigate the legal system—from applying for asylum or other status, to gaining a green card, to attaining citizenship so they can live their lives free from fear. 

Create Your Immigrant Rights Legacy

When you include a gift for EBSC, you can create an enduring legacy of protection for low-income immigrants and asylum seekers—generating stability for families and contributing to a diverse and vibrant society for all future generations.

What’s more, when you let us know you have made a legacy gift to EBSC, you will be welcomed into our Legacy Circle, a special group of our most committed supporters. Legacy Circle members receive recognition on our website, advance notice for events, VIP networking, and special programs just for Legacy Circle members, such as our annual lunch with EBSC attorneys and staff, plus EBSC swag!  

Make a Lasting Impact Now

You can support EBSC in a variety of ways with a gift that makes an impact now—or a gift that will create your enduring legacy for a vibrant, democratic, and pluralistic society. With any of these gift options, you use the power of the law and community organizing to fight for a more compassionate future for all people. 

Legacy Circle Gift Options

Following is not an exhaustive list of giving options. Please consult your attorney or financial advisor to discuss the tax and financial considerations of charitable giving in your estate plan, and the best way to use these options for your goals. 

Beneficiary of a Bank Account

You can assign East Bay Sanctuary Covenant to be a Payment on Death beneficiary of your bank account. This is one of the easiest ways to plan for a legacy gift.


A bequest is a revocable gift made through a will. This is the most common type of planned gift, and it is very easy to set up. You can bequeath a specific amount or a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset, or you can choose from many other options.

See below for sample language to include in an existing will, or use FreeWill to create a legal will online for free in about 20 minutes.

I give [_____% or $____ or the remainder of my estate after all other bequests] to East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Tax ID 94-3249753, to be used for its programs supporting low-income immigrants and asylum seekers.

Beneficiary on Retirement or Life Insurance Plans

You can designate EBSC as a beneficiary on your retirement plan, or as a beneficiary of your life-insurance plan. Both are easy to set up, both are revocable, and you may even be able to name one or more beneficiaries through your provider’s website in a few minutes.

Naming East Bay Sanctuary Covenant as a beneficiary of your retirement account can be an attractive option for creating your enduring legacy and reducing income and possibly estate taxes for your loved ones. Because retirement plans are taxed differently than most assets, they may become a tax liability.

Income taxes to your beneficiaries on retirement assets can be as high as 37%. This means, for example, that a $100,000 IRA will be worth only $63,000 when it gets to your loved ones.

Naming EBSC as a beneficiary of your retirement assets generates no income taxes. EBSC is tax exempt and eligible to receive the full amount, bypassing any income taxes. This means, for example, that a $100,000 IRA given to EBSC will be worth the full $100,000.

There are also many ways to provide income for yourself and your family, while you provide protection for low-income immigrant communities. Please check with your attorney or financial advisor. 

Complimentary Planning Resources

A direct contribution of retirement assets to charity as part of an estate planning strategy can be very tax efficient. Learn more here.

Check out this free online resource to create a will, advanced healthcare directive, and durable financial power of attorney.


Contact Lisa Hoffman, Director of Development and Communications, at lisa@eastbaysanctuary.org, or call our office at 510-540-5296, ext. 133, if you have any questions.

Please let us know if you have already made a Legacy gift to East Bay Sanctuary Covenant so we can thank you formally and bring you into our Legacy Circle.